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Welcome – so pleased you could join us for some fascinating and surprising interviews with some brilliant courageous people. This is the best reality tv on the planet, well worth catching up on any episodes you may have missed live.

There is no better way to go walk a mile in their shoes than with Kellie’s down-to-earth high impact but gentle teasing out of the real stories here.

And Wow, what stories!!! Coming to you in Kellie’s unique Live and Raw, Gutsy, Unedited, Tell-it-Like-It-Really-Is Style. “By day, Kellie is a sweet, charming proprietor of Lotus Fashion, bringing boutique quality fashion at suburban budget prices. But every Wednesday night she gets to pursue her true passion, and brings you these remarkable stories.”

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Because YouTube cuts off part of the title, we have also linked the YouTube videos in Season tabs here. Please have a good look around, and use the Contact form to provide any feedback, we love hearing from our viewers. And please do listen to our short OK jingle below. Thank you.
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Where Are They Now?

Perhaps a little early for a question like that, but just putting it out there for when Kellie discovers the mystical world of blogging. Heck this amazing woman only found her passion for being a journo barely 2 months ago (no training), and undoubtedly she will take to blogging like a duck to water too, …