Where Are They Now?

Perhaps a little early for a question like that, but just putting it out there for when Kellie discovers the mystical world of blogging.

Heck this amazing woman only found her passion for being a journo barely 2 months ago (no training), and undoubtedly she will take to blogging like a duck to water too, if her journalistic endeavors are anything to go on!

How Far Will Kellie Go???

Emotionally? How does Kellie deal with the high level of personal emotion that comes from these gutsy encounters? It is not unusual for that live feed to be shut down and the couch instantly flooded with tears – by the couchers and valiant behind-the-scenes Tiarnar, who also gets pretty shaky watching this up close and personal. When Kellie discovers the blogging bit of her new website, she might give us an insight to what the Kellie-side is of these stories…?

Physically? So, where is YOUR couch? Kellie & Tiarnar are committed to getting there, wherever it is. The concept of “Skyping in” doesn’t really cut it for this kind of show. Again, when she discovers blogging, Kellie may enlighten us on exactly how far she will go…?